The Diploma in Music programme aims at training middle level man power in music.  It is also designed to prepare qualified candidates for direct entry admission into Bachelor of Arts music programme.


The programme is an avenue for semi-professional and professional musicians to be properly certificated. It also avails candidates that are qualified the opportunity to be admitted into the Bachelor of Arts music programme through direct entry.

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the programme include the following:

  1. to study music in its universal dimensions.
  2. to develop creative and performance concepts arising from
    • the presentation of African Traditional music as a contemplative art and
    • the use of notation in the composition of music cultures.
  3. to give students the solid foundation required for a profession in the practice and/or teaching of music at various levels of education, broadcasting, media houses, and other avenues of private and public use and in entertainment.

Diploma Offered and Duration

Diploma in Music shall be awarded on successful completion of the programme, which shall last for two (2) academic sessions of 18 months.

Admission Requirement

Passes in any five subjects at Credit level including English Language and one other Art subject at the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSCE), General Certificate of Education (GCE), NECO or their equivalents.  Candidates do not necessarily have to offer music either at WAEC or GCE. However, there will be an audition before the final admission.

Requirement for the Award of Diploma

To qualify for the award of the Diploma in Music, students must have a minimum of 82 Units distributed as follows:

Compulsory Courses within the Department  -74 units

Restricted Electives within the Department   -08 units

Total number of units      -82 units

Candidate is permitted to re-sit failed courses within the two years that the programme lasts.  However, the resit could only be taken at the end of each session. To qualify for resit, a candidate must not fail more than two courses per session. There is also an opportunity to repeat extra one year in which case, studentship lapses after the third year.

Classification of Diploma in Music

Distinction      –         4.50 and above

Credit              -           3.50 – 4.49

Merit               -           2.40 – 3.49

Pass                 -           1.00 – 2.39

Fail                  -           Below 1.00

Attainment Level

Candidates that attain the grade level of Credit are eligible to be admitted for a B.A. degree in Music programme.