1. Introduction

Nigeria is well known for her rich cultural and artistic heritage, of which Music is an important aspect. The awareness of the vital role which this heritage can play in nation building and development has led to an increased demand for well-trained professional musicians, music teachers, music historians, music technologists and music critics in educational and cultural establishments, industries and the mass media. This programme of postgraduate education is a response to this demand.

2. Objectives

The postgraduate programme in the Department of Music is designed to fulfill three main objectives:

(i) To provide the necessary opportunities for the development of the research approach to and the awareness of the multifaceted problems of music and music making in all spheres of life in Nigeria.

(ii) To provide the necessary training and skills that will enable Nigerians function and perform various specialized roles in the music industry as artists, producers, directors, teachers, composers, music technologists, theoreticians and critics.

(iii) To enable musicians and music scholars develop to the fullest, their creative and academic potentials.

3. Degrees Offered

(a) Master of Arts (M.A.) Music with the following areas of emphasis:

(i) African Music

(ii) Music Composition

(iii) Music Performance

(iv) Music Production and Management

(v) Music Education

(vi) Music Theory and Criticism

(b) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Music

4. Admission Requirements

(i) Applicants for the M.A. Degree Programme must satisfy the admission requirements stipulated by the Postgraduate College.

 See admission requirements for the postgraduate College.

In addition, prospective candidates are also expected to take and pass a series of postgraduate placement examination on Theory and Harmony, Musical Analysis, History of Music, African Music Performance (for those specializing in Performance). The results of the examination must be approved by the P.G. School prior to the admission. Composition students are also expected to submit a folio of their musical compositions to the Department prior to admission.

(ii) Applicants for the Ph.D. programme must satisfy the admission requirements stipulated by the Postgraduate College.


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